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Catholic Schools Week Newsletter 

CSW 2017


October Newsletter

Strategic Plan
Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy participated in the development of a Strategic Plan under the guidance of the ACE Program of the University of Notre Dame. This was an exciting time for us as an academy to be given the chance to create our own preferred future. We, the entire community including parents, created our own path and the plan and the goals we set have since guided our movement in concert with our mission.

After developing our Strategic Plan, we developed a Business Plan, a yearly Catholic Identity Study, and have completed a self-study that resulted in us being accredited by the Catholic Schools Accreditation Association. Our next step is receive accreditation from Advanc-ED. We, along with a pilot group from the Brooklyn Queens Diocese, have started the process of a self-study and we will have a visit from Advanc-Ed in the spring of 2017.

Crisis Management Plan
In case of an emergency that requires the school to evacuate, students and staff will be evacuated in keeping with the designated locations. The locations, when possible, will provide shelter for our students and staff. More Information