Class of 2017

We are overjoyed to share that our graduates are attending amazing High Schools such as:


St. Joseph

James Madison

Bishop Kearney

St. Savior


St. Edmunds

Bishop Loughlin

Christ the King



We are so proud of you all!!


Easter Retreat!

On the last day before the Easter holiday, students and faculty participated in our annual Easter Retreat Day.  We began with a very special prayer service reenacting Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.  Eleven students and one teacher represented the twelve disciples.  It was a humbling and prayerful experience that brought many emotions to the surface for all involved.  We were thankful to have the parents who joined us as well as Father Mike who gave us a wonderful homily.  We then had a morning filled with Easter egg hunts, Stations of the Cross, holiday videos, song, and even dance with our little ones!

As we begin the homestretch of the school year, we are ready for the good weather and the activities that brings, as well as focusing on our school work with the goal of ending the school year on a high note. We are celebrating our amazing office staff on Administrative Professional Day as well as our dedicated and loving school nurse on Nurse’s Day.  Some of our students will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation or Communion over the next few weeks and we pray that their hearts, minds, and souls are ready for these very special sacraments.  May God bless them – now and always!

OLTCA Preforms at the Futures Scholarship Fundraising Dinner!

Our Lady of Trust was amazingly honored to be asked to be the opening performers at the Futures Scholarship Fundraising Dinner on Monday October 24th. Our children were introduced by Rosanna Scotto of FOX 5, and were featured on the morning show the following day! The dinner was held at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, which also made the night special for the children. We were so excited to hear that Futures raised over 2 million dollars for the scholarship fund that evening, we believe their beautiful voices and message inspired donors!

We were also featured on NET TV, please view the clip below!

Education Dinner Raises Millions for Needy Children

OLTCA 10th Anniversary Gala

The Canarsie Courier’s take on our Gala!

School Celebrates Decade Of “Trust”
By Jason Linetsky

Students, friends and administrators of Our Lady of Trust (OLT) Catholic Academy celebrated their 10th Anniversary at St. Jude Church’s Coyne Hall, 1696 Canarsie Road, on Sunday.

The gala dinner dance was set up to honor not only the 10 years of the school, but many people who have had major impacts on the academy over the years. Honorees came from the academy’s church family – the Shrine Church of St. Jude, Our Lady of Miracles, Holy Family Church and Saint Laurence Church.

“Happy 10th Anniversary Our Lady of Trust,” stated Brother Ralph Darmento of the Brooklyn Archdiocese. “I am delighted to share this celebratory occasion with you and honor the proud association of this community. I look forward to the future. There is the depth and richness of the last 10 years, which were built upon the strong traditions and legacies of St. Jude, Holy Family and Our Lady of Miracles parishes, the myriad of contributions and the professional excellence of our faculty and staff. There have been the successes of our alumni – 547 in just these 10 years – who have gone on to higher education and are beginning to advance the common good in our society and our communities.”

Honoree Patrick Reyes received an award for his success at Our Lady of Trust and a citation from Persaud.
Honoree Patrick Reyes received an award for his success at Our Lady of Trust and a citation from Persaud.
For alumnus Patrick Reyes, the event was a chance to give thanks to the school for helping him down the path to college. At 10 years old, Reyes joined the Columbus Squires, a youth fraternity of the Knights of Columbus, and showed great maturity early on in the organization. At 13 years old, he approached the event’s Chairman Ken Latham and asked about the proper introduction. After seeing Reyes’ potential, Latham would go on to witness Reye’s rise to be a leader for the Squires in both the local and state levels. Reyes also maintained high grades throughout his time at OLT.

“When I was asked if I wanted to be honored by the 10th Anniversary of Our Lady of Trust, I didn’t know what to say,” stated Reyes. “If anything, I should be honoring Our Lady of Trust for everything it’s done for me. I can’t thank the academy enough for all the values and the foundation it’s given me and the leadership, service, respect and, most of all, love. I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support and anything I do in the future will be for you. No matter what I end up doing or where I end up, Our Lady of Trust Academy and St. Jude will be with me.”

Other honorees included Father John Amann (Pastor Emeritus), Monsignor John Delendick, Josie Nover, Terry Ippolito, Maurice and Antoinette Walcott, Avril Gardner, Linda Depre, Robert Ambrose and Arlene Barcia.

In addition to the awards from the OLT Gala Committee, all honorees received citations from State Senator Roxanne Persaud. Prayers were offered by Delendick and Amann. Reyes also took time to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Gala Committee Member Sandy Waszak performing the National Anthem.img_2359img_2329



Flag Ceremony

The Canarsie Courier’s take on our Flag Ceremony!

Flag Ceremony At Our Lady Of Trust
By D. Rybstein
According to a 1943 government protocol describing the proper disposal method for an American Flag when it is no longer in good enough condition to fly, the Stars and Stripes is to be burned in a somber ceremony. To demonstrate continuity, a new flag is designated its successor and is immediately hoisted up on the flagpole where the old flag once proudly waved in the wind.

After a recent flag inspection, Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy Principal Mrs. Arlene Barcia called upon Monsignor John Delendick, of neighboring St. Jude’s Church, and a long-time FDNY chaplain, to organize what was to be a moving ceremony at the Canarsie Road Catholic school. After flying for many years, Our Lady of Trust’s flag was shredded in multiple places.

Barcia told the Canarsie Courier Monsignor Delendick has always been a “stickler for a proper flag” and he jumped on the occasion to make things right. In the schoolyard ceremony, the old flag was placed in a drum where a flame was burning, to be reduced to ashes. Those ashes are later buried.

Delendick arranged for bagpipers Bill Murphy and Pete Tigh from the Fire Department’s Emerald Society Pipes and Drums Corps to play stirring tunes for the assembled students, teachers, administration and guests. A bugler played Taps as the attendees gave their final salute to the “old” Old Glory.

Delendick offered a benediction and anointed the new flag just prior to its hoisting on the flagpole located at the school’s main entrance.