Community Work from our students

We at OLTCA remember what happened to our school just five years ago during Superstorm Sandy. As challenging as it was for us when we relocated to Our Lady of Miracles, that was nothing compared to what so many schools in Texas are facing after Hurricane Harvey. So we chose to Pay It Forward. The Student Council decided that we wanted to help one school and we could think of none better to assist than St. Marys in Houston; because they, like us, are a school dedicated to our Blessed Mother. The Student Council held a Dress Down Day and were able to raise over $400 to send to St. Marys. Additionally, we made them beautiful pictures of Mary and Jesus. These pictures will surely lift the spirit of the students when they are hung in the hallways of St. Marys. Finally, and most importantly, prayers and love are being sent to the students and faculty of St. Marys and all the schools impacted by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.