Catholic Schools Week 2017

At Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy we started CSW a little early this year with a special treat from one of our parents.  One of our 6th graders Jaylen Alexander’s mother, Ms. Massop, is a part of the show   Guardians of Recuse on Animal Planet.  Ms. Massop and her co-worker, Face, came to give our students an amazing presentation about the recent unfortunate discovery of an abused dog (Bear who was featured on Guardians of Recuse this month).  They spoke to our upper grades about showing kindness for all living things and  respect for everyone.

To officially begin CSW we at Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy had an amazing presentation from The NED Show.   They came to deliver their message to Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best!  This joyful assembly included some great yo-yo tricks which our students loved.  Devynn spoke so           eloquently about her personal goals for improvement and kindness that NED gave her an amazing gift of a yo-yo and holster!

At Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy we hold Student Appreciation Day during CSW to ensure our   students remember just how special they are to us, and our students truly enjoyed the gift of a Sports Day!  We held a friendly competition in which the students were given team colors for a free dress down and loved the refreshing ice cream treat after a  long day of races!

Mid-week we had our Catholic Schools Week Mass to celebrate our school and its excellence.  With      saddened hearts we were able to dedicate our mass in memory of Danny O’Keefe and celebrate his life as a school family.  As in every life event we have been able to support each other during this time and will     always be thankful for the love and support we have received from our families.

Our favorite part of CSW at Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy is always the annual Spirit Assembly.  This is when we partner with School Choice to honor our school and recognize the love found our school family holds.  Every student wrote a piece about why they love their school, and select students delivered their message during our Spirit Assembly.  We enjoyed reminiscing with a slide show one of our 7th graders made to commemorate her time here at OLTCA as well as hearing from our adorable 3 year olds and what they feel about our school!  Our students stated that they “just want to hug the building!!” and that this is their “second home.”  We were overjoyed to hear the students feel the same way about our Academy as we do, and glad they want to invite more students to come join our family!

To end CSW we held our traditional First Friday Mass at the Shrine of Saint Jude, with an additional set of awards for our terrific teachers and staff!  We want to thank Allison Hector’s family and the 2nd grade    parents who gave us the most special Appreciation Day lunch that we have ever had.  To know that our   parents recognize the dedication and love that is given to them was a beautiful gift.