Report Cards were distributed today and we gave out final honors certificates! Here is the Final Honor Roll List! Congratulations to all our students on an amazing year! Have a great summer and see you all in September!! 

First Grade 

Principal’s List
Clayon Dahl
Eli John
Mason Machica
Syniah Stanley

1st Honors
Brooklynn Bryant
Olivia Marc

2nd Honors
Garvin Denis
Carissa Fils-Aime
Laysa Florvil

3rd Honors
Kayden Delisme
Jolie-Rose McCrea

Outstanding Effort
Holley Cyrus

Second Grade

1st Honors
Zach Adams
Dastan Etienne
Aeva John
Johslee Pierre

2nd Honors
Jared Ali
Mylah Hamilton-Folkes
Ellianna Machica

3rd Honors
Elmarnitho Benjamin
Ethan Cabotage
Aalyiah Louis
Aaiyanna McCollum

Third Grade

Principal’s List
Miguel Sugaste

Second Honors
Peyton Philippe

Marlyn Edme
Aivie Fenelus
Dansly Mondesir

Fourth Grade

Principal’s List
Aaron Bain

1st Honors
Gabriella Machica
Roudy Paul
Melanie Reneau Kornegay

2nd Honors
Liam Lockett
Aubrey Walton

Rylenzia Foulks

Fifth Grade

Principal’s List
Brooke Bain

1st Honors
Malainy Harris

2nd Honors
Ashley Cabral

3rd Honors
Javed Ali
Vanelie Georges
Hydia Mondesir
Jayron McCrea

Outstanding Effort
Ashlee Blackman
Zamyr Hope
Mene Martinez

Sixth Grade

1st Honors
Tahlia Caesar
Kayla Dolland
Jordin Francois
Christina Lapomarede
Paul Mondesir

2nd Honors
Dyanah D’Alexis

3rd Honors
Allison Hector

Seventh Grade

Principal’s List
Doraly Baez-Andujar
Makayla Fletcher

1st Honors
Neika Pierre

2nd Honors
Arianna Beauboeuf
Carla Couloute

3rd Honors
Skylar Skevelair


Eighth Grade

Principal’s List
Asia-Angelica Alstrom
Perry Jones
Maya Powell
Amari Richards
Leeannah Solages

1st Honors
Alani Acevedo
Malia Baptiste
Teri Charles
Michelle Conde
Bianca Deceus
Zariya Edwards
Ziaire Hope
Kiara Green
Samantha Nerelus

2nd Honors
Benedic Belizair
Nathaniel Broomfield
Anyssa D’Alexis
Jason Joseph
Paul Terstenyak

3rd Honors
Ashley Anthony
Tamar Jean-Gilles
Leiya Lockett
Kevin Louis
Jason Roachford