REMINDER: Please contact your teacher if you have not done so already today. We need to connect every day during this time


Early Childhood
Pre-K 3: Mrs. Gina Cinalli

Pre-K 4: Mrs. Rebecca Schmidt –
Kindergarten: Ms. Maria Miceli

First Grade: Ms. Laryssa Kassman –
Second Grade: Mr. Dylan Evans –
Third Grade Homeroom: Ms. LaRue McMullin –
Fourth Grade Homeroom: Mr. Eric Schneider –
Fifth Grade Homeroom/JR High Math Instruction: Mr. Cristian McCarthy –
Sixth Grade Homeroom/JR High ELA Instruction: Mrs. Julie Donegan  –
Seventh Grade Homeroom/JR High Social Studies Instruction: Ms. Linda Depre –
Eighth Grade Homeroom/JR High Science Instruction: Mrs. Mary O’Keefe –



Muriel Wilkinson –