UPDATE regarding St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program Webinars

Please see letter below which provides information to join additional webinars to learn about remote learning options.  Let us know if you have any issues signing up or any questions.  


To help provide you with the information covered, and an opportunity to join a live session, additional webinars have been added, and the recordings will be made available on the website early next week.


Updated and additional webinars:


(*FYI – the announced session on Monday 8/24 at 6pm is registered at capacity)


Also, the program’s website contains information, FAQ’s and a contact us link for specific and personal questions.   Please visit  https://stthomasaquinasbq.org/ or email info@stthomasaquinasbq.org


In closing, we apologize again for the inconvenience if you were unable to attend yesterdays session and hope to connect with you on Monday or Tuesday for a new session and answer your questions.